Covid 19 Crisis: Demand For Oxygen Concentrators Grow, Where To Buy Online In India??

As the number of Covid patients continues to go up in record numbers in the country, oxygen concentrators are in big demand. Patients who are suffering from Covid-19 and require oxygen therapy are looking for these machines as Hospitals continue to face a shortage. Getting an oxygen concentrator online may be the best option for some people, especially if oxygen is in short supply in their area. 

Here are a few online portals where users may be able to buy themselves an oxygen concentrator. 

Where to buy oxygen concentrators online?
Users can purchase oxygen concentrators from platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. However, the products available on these platforms may run out of stock soon in your area. Or Amazon or Flipkart may also not be accepting deliveries in your area right now due to a high number of cases.

If this is the case, users can also check the other websites. Note that there are also a lot of websites that are scamming people by selling other products like nebulisers and humidifiers as oxygen concentrators.

Beware of such products and only go for reputed brands that you trust. You MUST consult a medical professional on your product before making a purchase, if possible. 

Websites selling oxygen concentrators
1MG – Equinox EQ-OC-09, Inogen One G5, Oxlife Portable OC (Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,95,000)

Tushti Store – OCM T51, OCM 5Y, OCM T25, OCM Q1 (Rs 63,333 to Rs 1,25,999)

Nightingales India – Devilbiss OC, Inogen G3, Olex OC, Oxymed, Philips (Rs 37,800 to Rs 2,15,000)

Healthklin – Aspen OC1 Plus, Aspen OC2 Plus, Equinox, Hemodiaz (Rs 35,000 to Rs 51,000)

Healthgenie – HG 503, HG 501, Equinox, Life Plus OC (Rs 27,499 to Rs 1,29,999)

ColMed – Yuwell, Devilbiss, Nidek Nuvolite, Greens OC (Rs 34,157 to Rs 1,06,400)

Oxygen Concentrators can now be imported for personal use
The government of India also recently permitted the import of oxygen concentrators from overseas for personal use until July 31. Those in need who have friends or relatives living abroad will now be able to receive oxygen concentrators from them through either post, courier or e-commerce portals under the gift category.

How do Oxygen concentrators work?
Oxygen concentrators work by filtering ambient air, which usually contains about 21 per cent oxygen in addition to 78 per cent nitrogen and 1 per cent of other gases. The concentrator filters only oxygen through the air and lets the nitrogen back out, providing users with air that is 90-95 per cent oxygen. Keep in mind, though that these devices cannot help with cases where oxygen levels are dropping severely, and can only help in moderate to mild cases. Those who need high flow oxygen will require hospitalisation. 

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