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Court Notice For Pawan To Appear On 24th July

The Hyderabad City Civil Court has asked actor-and-politician Pawan Kalyan to appear before it on 24th July in a defamation case filed by ABN Andhrajyothy MD Radhakrishna.

The ABN group has filed defamation a case for Rs 10 Crores following Pawan Kalyan's Twitter attack on Radhakrishna from 20-23rd April. In his tweets, the Jana Sena alleged that Radhakrishna has gained mileage by telecasting the cuss word uttered by Sri Reddy against his mother.

In his first legal notice, the ABN group MD asked Pawan Kalyan to take down the tweets against him & ABN group sought the public apology from Pawan. Since there was no response from the actor, Radha Krishna has filed a defamation case for Rs 10 Crores. Also, in the past, fans of the actor have vandalized the media vehicle of ABN group at film chamber and few miscreants were taken into custody after the journalists lodged a police complaint.

The court asked Pawan Kalyan to either appear alone or with his lawyer on 24th of this month. This's kind of a shocker for Pawan Kalyan, who is doing Praja Praja Yatra in Vishakapatnam district. Usually in such cases, actors and politicians either file a counter in next-level court or seek to keep it on hold by reasoning the busy schedule.

In his series of aggressive tweets, Pawan Kalyan attacked the leading news channels like Tv9, ABN, TV5 and Mahaa News and gave a call to ban these channels for insulting his mother. 




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