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Coronavirus Is China’s Biggest Health Emergency

China had to fight long lasting poverty and famine conditions to see the prosperity that it enjoys today. People's revolution against monarchy was guided by Communism because of the famine in the country.

Now, they are addressing the biggest biohazard Corona Virus as an united front. China President never spoke on the issue even though it broke out 40 days ago.

He addressed the press and categorised Corona Virus outbreak as biggest National Emergency. He said that the China Government is taking all the necessary actions to stop the virus spread.

He also stated that it is throwing curveballs and looped puzzles at their brightest minds to find a solution to the issue. He blamed the complex nature of the virus for China bio-scientists taking time to come up with a vaccine to save lives.

He expressed deep grief over the loss of 2442 people for the virus and also announced that the virus outbreak as pushed Nation into an economic slowdown and crisis as the expenditure on health and safe-guarding people had to be increased exponentially.

He showed courage and put a bravefront saying that China will emerge victorious in this battle in coming days and will continue to progress as a economic Superpower in coming days, once again. 




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