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Congress Ready For Big Sacrifice To PM

To defeat Narendra Modi in the next general Lok Sabha elections, Opposition Congress is said to be mulling over to do a big sacrifice – the grand old party is contemplating to contest in relatively less number of seats to accommodate its allies. The move is to attract as many as Opposition parties for a grand alliance to take on Modi-led NDA. While regional parties are already making their plans to form a Federal Front, Congress wants to woo them with its strategic move.

This is after the outcome of Karnataka verdict where neither Congress nor JD(S) got clear majority and the duo formed the government only after forging post-poll alliance. While political analysts have opined that the Congress and JD(S) could have won easily had they contested together, Congress seems to have changed its strategy pan India. Even in the recent by elections, be it in Bihar or UP, United Opposition have shown stars to BJP.

Taking cognizance of these, Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi is toying with the idea of contesting in less seats to stop Modi. For 2019, Congress party's sole agenda seems to be to stop Modi's comeback to power. Many say Congress brainstorm may certainly trouble Modi in 2019 polls




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