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Commoner Vs Celebrity Sanjana Argues In Bigboss2

When Sanjana Anne was recently fired from Bigg Boss-2, she became the first contestant to be shown the door in the reality show's second season.  Many have seen it as fitting. They feel the small-time model displayed an "annoying attitude" during her stay in the house.

But Sanjana herself sees her elimination in a different way.  Speaking to a TV channel, the now-popular model has said that she was bid adieu at the earliest only because she is a commoner.  

Sanjana is also unhappy that she had to spend her own money to participate in the show without any reimbursement coming from the producers.  Above all, she alleges that she was a stopgap arrangement before Nandini Rai could be had on the show.  

The 'Commoner' argument is akin to playing a victim card.  To be sure, it has to be seen how the other commoners on the show will fare (or will be allowed to fare).  The jury is still out.  

The 'Commoner vs Celebrity' dichotomy is fraught with contradictions, as many common people out there might say that they are the real commoners who didn't get into Bigg Boss-2 because they had never given a YouTube interview that went viral!  Sanjana had her tryst with Internet popularity much before Bigg Boss-2 happened.  The same can't be said about "real commoners".




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