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Comedians Experience Flops

Most of our comedians are hardly limited to one or two scenes in movies. This is leaving all the comedy stars burning with a zeal to prove their talent. And this in turn is making them turn heroes and do full-length lead roles.

While these actors easily impress audiences with their hilarious comic antics in the 1, 2 scenes that they get as comedians, they are failing to hold audience's attention with their full-length lead roles. Even though some of the comedians who turned heroes are sinking without a trace, popular comedian Srinivasareddy tried his luck as hero with Jambalakidi Pamba and bit the dust.

Srinivasareddy not only played hero in Jambalakidi Pamba but he is also one of the producers for the movie since he believed that the film will turn out to be a huge hit.  Srinivasareddy claims that he was the hero in Geethanjali and Aanando Brahma even though he only played key roles in them.

Jayammu Nischayammuraa is the only film that had Srinivasareddy as the main hero and everyone knows it's fate at the box office. But he thought he could pull off a movie as a hero and invested huge on Jambalakidi Pamba and lost heavily. The next comedian who will be trying his luck as hero is Shakalaka Shankar.




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