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Comedian Turned Heros Senseless Talk On Famous Stars

Comedian Shakalaka Shankar is all these days popular in film circles for his over the top behaviour. Earlier there was a rumour that Pawan Kalyan scolded him big time for his exaggerated and silly behaviour on the sets of Sardaar. And here comes the latest thing, this time not a rumour.

Other day while speaking at his latest film "Shambo Shankara", through which he's debuting as a hero, Shankar made some controversial remarks on few top celebs. And his words not only raised many eyebrows but might turn Tollywood against him in the coming future. 

"Even after acting in few films and becoming a crucial factor in their success, I'm not getting continuous work. Even Trivikram garu who offered me a one-day role in A..Aa didn't call me for Agnyathavasi. So I've decided to become a hero and met with a script. I asked him to invest 2 crores and take home 8 crores table profit, but he asked me to wait for 2-3 years more and also to continue as a comedian rather becoming a hero" said Shankar, in a satirical tone. 

Then he spoke about Dil Raju. "Raju garu stated that he's busy with many films and he doesn't even know who is hero of which project. When I told him that I have a story and asked him to produce, he asked me to wait till he wraps his existing projects. I met him at a hospital where he's getting treated for a hand injury". 

And then Shankar turned his guns on Allu Sirish. "I told Sirish that I have a story and he said that no story is fascinating him these days. Then I told him that this story is for me to debut as a hero and asked him to produce on Geetha Arts banner. He told me that he's yet to get control of his father's production house and might get it some years later". 

Finally, the comedian has met Raivteja, hoping that the mass raja understands his pain. "Raviteja first told me to continue as a hero. Then he added that he could understand the pain I'm going through and compared it with the one he went through 20 years back. And when I asked him to invest 2 cores, he said that he has to go to the USA and will do another film after coming back home, and then he will think about my project", said Shankar. 

Needless to say, this is surely a loose talk on film celebs, because anyone would invest money basing on their taste, choice and requirement. And Shankar is no Kamal Haasan or a comedian as popular as Sunil that producers see a potential him. 





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