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Clash Between Ali And Pawankalyan Because Of Poonam

Poonam Kaur, model turned actress didn’t reach next level of stardom though she hinted of game for glamorous roles with her skin shows in photo shoots and films. It was a big surprise when Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu announced Poonam Kaur as brand ambassador for handlooms in the state.

Later, a gossip did make rounds in social media that, it was Jana Sena Chief and Power Star Pawan Kalyan who recommended Poonam Kaur to be appointed to promote handlooms in the state. Controversial film critic Mahesh Kathi alleged that, Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur had an illicit affair. 

Poonam Kaur who didn’t get any support from Pawan Kalyan when Mahesh Kathi personally targeted her, she started attacking the Jana Sena Party President. Poonam also slammed director Trivikram Srinivas of having special interest on NRI heroines.

Meanwhile, there were reports that, all is not well between thick friends Pawan Kalyan and Ali. Interestingly, Ali who is mandatory in Pawan as well as Trivikram films was not seen in Agnyaathavasi.

If some sources are to be believed, Poonam Kaur is behind differences cropped up between Pawan and Ali. It is heard that, Ali helped Poonam Kaur secretly when she was gaining media attention with her comments on Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram. Ever since Pawan heard about this, the Agnyaathavaasi star stopped talking to his old friend.

Some opine that, Ali who desires to contest for the Rajahmundry Assembly in the next elections on a TDP ticket has acted as directed by TDP big heads.




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