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Chiru Gets Hugely Trolled For Excessive Tweets

Usually, when someone welcomes a newcomer to Twitter, the reply will be a simple thank you. But Megastar Chiranjeevi is not an ordinary person and his replies are reflecting that camaraderie he shares with every actor. But it looks like a section of society is unhappy with the way the matinee idol is making noise on the micro-blogging site.

Surely with child-like excitement, Megastar is giving reply to every single celebrity who has tweeted a welcome note for him. In his replies, he made sure to talk about things any other celeb would not touch. The way he addressed Mahesh as Superstar, the way pinched Puri saying that he will get to spend more time with Aakash and Pavitra than Mumbai-Bangkok beaches; and his 'Rananukunna, Ralenanukunnava' comedy with Mohan Babu; the way he called Kajal as Ammadu; and praising Tarak for corona awareness video; surely Chiranjeevi did a fab thing.

But netizens do felt that this is a bit of excess at times when COVID-19 is shaking India with the real-time positive cases crossing the 700 mark on Thursday. Also, the so called anti-fan brigade got to work and started rolling Megastar big time with their memes. While some stated that he is doing non-stop batting, some felt that he's using twitter properly. Anyway, the meme galore is creating huge fun for onlookers.

However, when none other than Twitter India posted a welcome tweet for Chiru, and many superstars did, what is going to stop the Megastar? He's inevitable!




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