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Chiru Donates Rs 1 Cr For Film Workers

In the wake of Pawan Kalyan making 2 crores donation to Govt of India, Telangana and AP, there is widespread criticism that elder brother, Megastar Chiranjeevi, also the only bigwig of Telugu industry right now, is not doing his part. Many felt that Chiru might have announced about his donations too.

However, after Ram Charan donated 70 lakhs to India and Telugu governments, Chiranjeevi has clarified that even they are also getting ready to do their part. "The film fraternity is right now coming together to do their part too. Talking to all concerned", Chiranjeevi stated, while appreciating celebs like Nithin and others who have already donated huge.

Reports are coming up that Chiranjeevi spoke to some other big stars including Mahesh and Prabahs regarding the donations for corona-relief activities through Movie Artists Association (MAA), while he is also in touch with Producers Council as well to take the necessary action for the welfare of film industry's daily wage workers.

A while back Chiru took to his official Twitter handle and offered to donate Rs 1 crore for film workers. Like the daily wage labours and construction workers, film workers too are jobless with shootings being temporarily halted. To assist them, Chiru announced this relief which is the most need of the hour.




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