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Chiranjeevi Reveals Acharya’s Story Theme

The suspense about Chiranjeevi’s character has ended. The basic theme of “Acharya” has been revealed by none other than the megastar.

During this quarantine period, Chiranjeevi has been interacting with journalists belonging to newspapers on the phone.

In the latest interview, Chiranjeevi revealed that he plays a character similar to NTR had portrayed in “Janata Garage”. NTR was seen as a nature lover, one who cares for protecting the environment. 

In “Acharya”, Chiranjeevi plays a professor who fights for conserving the natural resources.

The professor is also a former Naxalite. Ram Charan plays the role of his disciple.

But the film is being packaged with all the emotional and entertaining elements in an intelligent way, he stressed. He praised Koratala’s style of working as well.




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