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Chiranjeevi: ‘I Cannot Forget Jagan’s Hospitality’

A few months ago, Mega Star Chiranjeevi went to Andhra Pradesh and met Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in person.

There was a big media speculation on that meeting for three-four days. Mega Star has opened up about that meeting in an exclusive interview to greatandhra.com. 

He shared, "I have a friendly connection with YSR's family for decades. I was also part of Sakshi opening ceremony. I have also attended the ceremony of Sakshi Excellence Awards on the invitation of YS Bharathi. I was impressed by the way she received me and respected me"

He also continued saying, "I was also invited for the swearing ceremony of YS Jagan as Chief Minister. But I couldn't make it. I thought of meeting him person but could only call him and wish. When I made Sye Raa, I thought of showing that historical picture to some leaders. In the process I asked for the appointment of YS Jagan. I thought he may call me to the office. But he called me to his house. I went to him along with Surekha. The hospitality extended by Jagan-Bharathi is unforgettable". 

When asked if is he is interested to join YSRCP if Jagan invites, Mega Star replied with a smile, "I expressed what my stand is. I cannot change it. I am completely apolitical now. But I appreciate if I feel anything is good. I still support the concept of three capitals because I believe decentralization is always good". 




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