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China’s Wuhan Sees 300% Jump In Marriage Registration

With the condition coming under control the lockdown was lifted in the Wuhan Province of China from where the deadly virus was originated. Following this, people started looking at the issues that were kept on hold due to the lockdown.

Marriage is one of the issues that was lept on hold as the lockdown was implemented in the dragon country strictly. As the 76 days of lockdown was lifted people started prepping for their marriage.

This saw a flood of marriage applications in China as the coming summer is the marriage season. Earlier marriages of many celebrities were postponed due to the lockdown.  

Getting marriage is quite different from India. Unlike here we have to seek the permission of the government in order to get married even to have children, the government's permission is required.  

The concerned officials said that marriage applications have increased around 300 in the dragon country when compared to the normal time. With lifting the lockdown, people rushed to the application center to apply for their marriages.




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