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Chidambaram Referred GST As RSS Tax

Former Union Minister and Congressman P Chidambaram lashed out at the BJP once again and referred to GST as 'RSS Tax'. 

It has been one year since GST was implemented and when Chidambaram was approached for his views on the same, he termed GST, a failure.

“No one is happy with GST, except the Income Tax department. It has become like a taboo word and till date, there is no sign of positive influence of GST on the nation’s economy. It is better to call it ‘RSS Tax’,” said Chidambaram.

In the same vein, he continued, “GST is actually the brainchild of UPA government.”

If GST is UPA creation, then all the blame for the so-called resentment against GST should be taken by the UPA then, is it not Chiddu?

How can you say that no one is happy with GST and then take credit for creating the concept in the first place?




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