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Charan Had Not Adviced Me Says Dhev

Today it will mark the debut of Mega son in law Kalyaan Dhev's debut as a hero through "Vijetha", directed by Rakesh Sashi. The young director who has earlier carved the film "Jata Kalise" has now come up with a father-son relationship based drama for the debut of this hero.

Other day while promoting the film, Kalyaan made some interesting comments on how his extended family, the mega family, is looking forward to this movie. He stated that Chiranjeevi garu is the one who has okayed the story and gave nod for the director. Even the director also confirmed that Megastar asked him to film whatever he narrated to the matinee idol. 

"Actually Mamayya Chiranjeevi garu watched the rough cut of the movie and felt that it's very nice. He hasn't seen the final finished output. He will be watching it in a day. And Charan bava didn't give any advice before starting the movie, but he has wished me all the best after watching teasers. I took some tips from him regarding songs and promotions" said Kalyaan. 

Though the film is releasing with less hype and hitting cinemas amidst huge rains that are lashing Telugu states, if it gets good word-of-mouth then the result will be good. Let's see what happens. 




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