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Character Artist Hema Is Planning To Quit Films And Join Politics

Character artist Hema said she is planning to quit films and join politics in the coming days. Hema was in Rajahmundry on a personal visit and media reached her for a comment on current politics in Andhra Pradesh. In case Hema leaves films, there is no doubt that she will join YSR Congress party as her comments says so.

Hema added that she has immense respect for YS Jagan and thanked him for allocating Rs 2000 crore for Kapu corporation. "Jagan is a straight forward person and doesn't hesitate to do what he wishes to. That's why I like and respect him," said Hema. She appealed to the AP CM to implement Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) reservation from grassroot level.

Hema also revealed that she is planning to buy a home in Rajahmundry. "My family wants me to leave films and settle down in Rajahmundry. With my friends help, I am searching for a small residence. Hopefully will get one very soon," added Hema. When asked about Bigg Boss reality show, she expressed that even she wants to go and see how it feels like.




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