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Chandrababu Naidu Upset At Ramzan Celebrations

CM Chandrababu's actions are completely different from his speeches.  He continues to do so even now.  AP people are upset with Chandrababu's attitude and they are expressing their dissatisfaction whenever they get a right opportunity.  A similar incident happened recently and it gave a shock to Chandrababu. 

Namaz programme was held in Vijayawada on the occasion of Ramzan festival recently.  Chandrababu attended the programme and conveyed his wishes to all the people who attended the programme.   It would have been better if he could have asked them what his government should do for the welfare of the minorities on the occasion.  But he started boasting about his government that they are doing so much for minorities. 

Upset with Babu's speech, Masjid Protection Committee president Nooruddin interrupted him and asked, "What about the reconstruction of the demolished Masjid in Ramavarappadu, Vijayawada?" Chandrababu shocked by the unexpected question and tried to convince him that his government is doing so much for the minorities. He said that he will order the collector to look into the issue and complete the masjid construction in a month.  Several Muslims protested against Chandrababu in response to his comments. 

Chandrababu government has demolished several temples and majids at the time of widening National Highway during Krishna Pushkaralu. People have been fighting for the reconstruction from then onwards.  Nooruddin and his supporters said to have been fighting for the reconstruction for the last two years. When he tried to speak more, police have taken him aside to convince him. This has given a huge shock to Babu




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