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Chai Impressed With ChiLaSow

Annapurna Studios banner is associated with Sushanth's upcoming film 'Chi La Sow' producers.  The association will raise the hype on the film considering the brand value of Annapurna Studios.  Akkineni Naga Chaitanya recently interacted with the media and spoke about 'Chi La Sow'. 

He said that he was impressed by 'Chi La Sow' because it is refreshing and entertaining.  He said that the plot revolves around how two strangers get married in a day.. how their life changes within 24 hours period.  Chaitu said that when Rahul Ravindran narrated 'Chi La Sow' script to him he has immensely liked it.  He said he was surprised to know the movie has been made on a limited budget within 32 days. 

When he was asked whether he is interested in production, he said that his first priority is acting.  He said that it was he who suggested his father Nagarjuna to watch 'Chi La Sow'. He added it was Annapurna studios who has shown interest to associate with the film based on the content.  He showered praises on Sushanth for picking up a different subject. 




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