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Censor Board Brake For Shakeelas Sheelavathi Movie Name

Shakeela was a superstar in the south film industry with an immense fan following. She still as a huge fan base even after a long break of 10 years. The actress’s 250th film Sheelavathi teaser and the trailer have made her fans jump with joy. While everything was going smoothly, Censor board stood in the way of the actress’s most awaited film. According to the reports, Shakeela is not at all happy with Censor board’s decision of changing the film’s title for the board feels the title is not apt for a Shakeela film. The actress asks how is that fair to come to a conclusion without even watching the movie in the first place. Shakeela says that the makers won’t agree to change the title at this point as they have already promoted the film in Telugu with the title and modifying the same would be a huge issue now. Well, her anger has point. The actress is going to request the censor board to re-review their decision. Let us see if Shakeela can move the hearts of the board.





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