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CCC On Chiranjeevi’s Name – Some Netizens Upset

Other day, Megastar Chiranjeevi has proudly revealed that the 'Corona Crisis Charity' which was started with an aim to help the daily wage workers of Film Industry, has collected Rs 6.2 crores so far. Sharing that, he also asked others to donate for the same and shared the account details, which led to a huge storm on Twitter.

With Chiru revealing that the account name is on "Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust – Corona Crisis Charity", many made fun of him saying that he's doing this for publicity and why Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust should be involved when the whole of the film industry is helping the workers. And they made memes and tried all possible ways to discredit and insult the Megastar.

But if we look deep into the thing, if one has to do a charity, open a foundation and create a charity related savings account in a bank, the procedure one has to undergo is not only lengthy but also time-consuming, which is not possible to do in this lockdown period. For that, they may use existing charity organisations to come to their help.

For example we have Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust, Samantha's Pratyusha Foundation or Surya's Agaram, that are readily available, which can take money deposits and transfer the money to anyone in the country.

So naturally, film industry will be picking Chiranjeevi's trust as he is the biggie right now who is taking care of things. The money given by all the celebs should be deposited in some account or the other, before it could be transferred to the accounts of the needy, and be that Chiru's trust, there is nothing to worry.




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