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Caste Calculations To Fight With YS Jagan

Recently a group of biggies those belong to a caste have gathered together just casually. They formed a whatsapp group and wished KVP Ramachandra Rao of Congress, who was retired from Rajya Sabha. 

The members in the group include a Congress leader who is branded as a political soothsayer, a visual media head who is at present not getting even an appointment to meet YS Jagan, a film producer and few others. 

The common discussion among these members is how to see their community back in power again. Businesses are biting mud with Corona.

How to withstand YS Jagan for the next 4 years without business power in hands? The only way they could find is to attack YS Jagan's rule through social media. 

TDP has played as per its whims and fancies with media power for 37 years. But the last one year has been suffocating for TDP leaders due to their doting leader, non promising heir and the strong political opponent.

They are struggling hard to defame YS Jagan as much as possible and grab the power.




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