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Case Filed Against Hrithik Roshan At KPHB Police Station

One wonders why a police case is lodged on Hrithik Roshan at KPHB Police station in Kukatpally, Hyderabad while the actor has no link with it. But, the actor's fans in Kukatpally got upset over the brand he's endorsing and for the injustice meted out to them, and hence the case. 

Some complainants have mentioned in their report that they have joined this particular gym (they call it 'fitness and wellness centre') that was endorsed by Hrithik Roshan. Back then there was news that Hrithik charged almost Rs 100 crores to endorse this new brand. After looking at the ads featuring Hrithik, these people are said to have joined the brand's centre in KPHB area. However, they are not said to be allotted a slot to do the exercises stuff even after paying a fee ranging from 18K to 36,000. 

Hurt with the happening, few persons have now lodged a complaint at KPHB Police Station saying that Hrithik has cheated them by endorsing a wrong brand and tricking them to spend thousands of rupees. Earlier similar cases were lodged on the likes of Genelia and other celebs, but none got at logical (say legal) conclusion. 




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