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Can You Get COVID19 From Currency Notes And Newspapers

Corona fears are making people to stop buying the newspapers. This has forced many media houses to scale down the number of pages in their newspapers. So acute the fears are that some media houses have already announced a temporary closure.

The reason touted is that the newspapers are touched by many people and any one of them could be a carrier for Corona. But, what about currency notes? They also change hand and are touched by many. Anyone could be a corona positive. But, why is it that we do not mind accepting currency notes, but refuse even to touch the newspaper?

But now it turns that even experts like Dr Gurava Reddy say that Corona could spread even through currency notes. Some Indonesians are actually dipping currency notes in petrol and are dring them up to ensure that there are no viruses on the surface of the notes.  The doctors also suggest that people should use sanitisers before and after handling currency notes.




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