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Campaign In Social Media To Create Hatred On Tdp By Janasainiks

There seems to be a willful campaign running in the social media to breed hatred on TDP in Pawan Kalyan fans. This may be the work of Janasena itself for its political growth or the Opposition parties which wants to defeat Telugu Desam Party at any cost. There is a Social Media forward which says Andhra Pradesh government has asked the local Police in Vijayawada to impose hefty fines for the youth who flaunt Pawan Kalyan and Janasena Stickers on the Dooms of their bikes. Non-Official and Pro-Pawan Kalyan / Pro-Janasena handles have picked it up and spread on Social Media. But the fact is there is no such instruction whatsoever from the government. A senior Police Official of the district confirms the same. Some Students in Vijayawada who are Pawan Kalyan fans did not complain anything of such sort happening when galli2delhi quizzed them.





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