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Camel Milk Transported From Rajasthan To Mumbai For Autistic Kid

Following the 21-day nationwide lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the wake of the positive cases increasing rapidly has resulted in everything getting shut in the country except the medical shops and the shops that sell essential good.

This made hard for people to get essential goods as the shops will be opened for 7 PM only. A woman who stays in Mumbai took to Twitter and tweeted to Narendra Modi that no camel milk is available in Mumbai for her six-months-old autistic kid who is dependent on the camel milk and has an allergy towards cow, buffalo and goat milk.

Following this, the Indian Railways has transported 20 liters of camel milk from Rajasthan to Mumbai and handed over to the family of the kids.

As there is a problem in delivering the camel milk and camel milk powder directly to Mumbai the parcel cargo train that operates between Ludhiana and Bandra of Mumbai was halted at the Falna Railway Station and the parcel was loaded in it.

In this tense situation, the authorities have responded quickly and co-ordinated well with the other departments so that the camel milk and milk powder reaches Mumbai safely.




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