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Budget 2019- Things That Got Costlier And Cheaper

The most-awaited budget of Modi 2.0 has been presented by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. This is 89th Union Budget including the interim budgets. After Indira Gandhi, Nirmala is the second woman Finance Minister to present the budget. Below is the list of the items that are going to be costlier and cheaper due to increase or decrease of taxes respectively when the new Budget comes into force.

Things That Got Costlier

Petrol and diesel
Cigarettes, hookah and chewing tobacco
Gold and silver
Fully-imported cars
Split air-conditioners
Digital video recorders
Imported books
CCTV cameras
Cashew Kernels
Imported plastics
Raw materials for manufacture of soap
Vinyl flooring, tiles
Optical fibre
Ceramic tiles and wall tiles
Imported stainless steel products
Imported auto parts
Newsprint and paper for newspaper and magazines
Marble slabs
Mountings for furniture

Things That Got Cheaper

Electric vehicle components
Camera module and charger of mobile phones
Set top box
Import of defence equipment, manufactured outside India




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