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Buddha Venkannas Challenge To BJP Leaders

TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna has thrown a hefty challenge to AP BJP leaders. As part of his challenge, Buddha said he would shave his head if BJP gets deposit in any one seat in Andhra Pradesh.

He challenged AP BJP leaders to get deposits in any one constituency out of the total 175 constituencies and he said he would undergo head tonsure. Buddha leveled allegations against BJP's new president Kanna Lakshminarayana. He said people have the list of corrupt practices of Kanna Lakshminarayana, the former minister in YSR's cabinet, who was made BJP's AP chief.

Praising Chandrababu's vision, Buddha said Naidu had first predicted BJP's downfall in the country and was the first key ally of NDA to point fingers at Modi. Buddha said Naidu as the reason for the fall in BJP's graph nationally. He said Chandrababu would also play crucial role nationally in 2019 elections as well.

Shooting a direct question to Pawan Kalyan who had been going out and claiming that he had made Chandrababu Naidu as Chief Minister and Narendra Modi as Prime Minister, Buddha Venkanna said why can't Pawan Kalyan make Chiranjeevi, the Chief Minister in 2009 elections. Buddha asked Pawan to explain why he couldn't make his own brother a Chief Minister. 




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