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Buddha Venkanna Termed GVL As A Political Comedian

The ongoing war of words between BJP and TDP has reached pinnacle. While BJP and its allied parties intensified its attack on TDP-led state government and cornering politically, TDP too counter attacking.

After GVL Narasimha Rao's fresh comments on TDP and AP's Planning Commission Vice Chairman Kutumba Rao, TDP brushed off saying he doesn't deserve to be cared and his comments need not to be considered seriously.

TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna went ahead and called GVL as a comedian in politics and compared him with Tollywood comedian Brahmanandam. Buddha said all the true colours of all these political 'actors' would come out very soon and said people are observing them closely.

One has to wait and see what GVL has to say now to Buddha Venkanna.




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