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Brahmaji Disappointed With Heroines Behaviour

Like most of the people are discussing already, while heroine Lavanya Tripathi has donated a lakh to Corona Crisis Charity being headed by Megastar Chiranjeevi, which is aiming to give provisions to daily wage workers of Telugu cinema who were affected big time, other starlets have remained totally silent.

Top heroines who charge crores of remuneration have remained tight-lipped about giving a donation to this charity or to PM's fund on that note. Talking about the same, Character artist Brahmaji has hit out at these starlets, saying, "These girls from Mumbai charge crores of rupees from Tollywood and enjoy the stardom here, but haven't responded to the charity call initiated by Megastar, except Lavanya".

Also, he pointed out that those big character artists from other states, who enjoy stardom and a hefty paycheck in Telugu also remained silent. While many are asking the same question like Brahmaji, actually whether to donate or not is an individual decision, and there should be no compulsion over that.

But then, without pointing any fingers, let us remember Pawan Kalyan's Panjaa dialogue here: "Sayam pondinavaadu krutagnatha choopinchaka povadam entha tappo, saayam chesinavaadu kruthagnatha korukovadam kooda anthey tappu".

Simply put, "While its wrong of recipient to not show gratitude, it's quite wrong of the donor to expect gratefulness




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