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Bollywood Supports Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra who has flown from Bollywood to Hollywood has been caught up in a recent controversy. As part of the Quantiko series, the episode, a telecast, was dragging her into trouble. Some Indians … bombs in the mating area on the Kashmir issue in New York and try to push that point into Pakistan.  

People are turning to PC in the episode opposite India. Priyanka Chopra, who said that she was not intentionally done and she was a patriotic woman and even apologized to them. The Bollywood community has now reacted to the topic. Varun Dhawan in the latest Conference, Bobby Dial .. Kritis Sanon .. Ayushman Khurana and many Bollywood celebrities have announced their support for PC.

Those who say that the actors do not have the freedom to decrypt a script .. Only by acting on the script they are able to do it .. Others will not be able to change the situation. Not only that, Priyanka added to the Hollywood range of the country's film industry. It is not wrong to be seen in this episode.




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