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Bjp Trick For Kapu Votes Approached Chiru

Bharatiya Janata Party in Andhra Pradesh is looking to expand in the state at any cost and the state leaders are already making tall claims of coming to Power in 2019 elections on their Own without even having a decisive Vote Bank or significant leaders here. BJP President Amit Shah himself has entered the fray to strengthen the party. The Saffron Party is looking at the Kapu Voters to change its fortune in Andhra Pradesh. Accordingly, they have made Kanna Lakshminarayana as the Party President. On the other side, Amit Shah is trying to bring Megastar Chiranjeevi into the party. Chiranjeevi who is currently in Congress has recently completed his term as a Rajya Sabha MP and did not get a renomination. Chiranjeevi is being away from Congress and is concentrating on films after 2014 elections. We are told that Chiranjeevi is skeptical about politics and also joining BJP at this juncture will also trouble the family as Pawan Kalyan is fighting the elections and has to oppose BJP in the given circumstances. If Chiranjeevi joins BJP, it will be interesting who will be able to attract the Kapu Voters – Chiranjeevi or Pawan Kalyan. 






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