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BJP Mla Extra Marrital Affair Revealed By His Wife

BJP MLA Gagan Bhagat has been accused by his wife Monika Sharma that he is having an extra-marital affair with a Teenager. She alleged her Husband has been continuing live-in relationship with the Girl Student after marrying her.

Gagan Bhagat claimed he kept paying Rs 1 lakh per month to his wife. However, Monika Sharma clarified not even a single rupee was paid to her. She now appealed BJP Leadership and PM Modi saying a daughter of his own family is in need of justice. He urged action against her husband for the well-being of the girl who just turned 19.

On the other hand, Girl Student's Father who is an ex-serviceman complained Gagan Bhagat had abducted his daughter from her college in Punjab.

Gagan Bhagat is representing RS Pura Constituency in Jammu District. Condemning the allegations, He informed about the plans to seek divorce from his wife for 13 years.




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