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BJP Hitting Uddhav Where Its Hurts Him Most

Is the BJP trying to lure Shiv Sena back into the NDA fold? With Uddhav Thackeray's fate hanging in a balance as he needs to get elected to the Maharashtra Assembly by May 28, the BJP reportedly has opened channels with Shiv Sena and is said to be bringing pressure on the party to return.

Though there are 11 vacancies in the legislative council, there is no possibility of holding elections now due to the lockdown. Had there been elections, Uddhav could have been easily elected. As a result, the only way Uddhav can get elected to the council is through nomination by the Governor. But, these nominations are based on their contribution to the society, to arts and culture and Uddhav does not fit the bill. So, the whole thing depends on the whim of the Governor. So, the BJP is using this as a lever to bring pressure on both Shiv Sena and its chief Uddhav Thackeray. As of now, the Shiv Sena is in a fix.

On Wednesday, Uddhav himself ate a humble pie and called up Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking his intervention in the matter. He wanted Modi to tell the Governor to appoint Uddhav as a nominated MLA. In the event of Uddhav failing to secure nominations, the CM post might go to either NCP or the Congress Party.




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