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Bikni Shows Moves From Cinema Stars To Tv Stars

Indian women sharing the media space are growing as one of the vital causes of global warming with their hotness. It was cinema stars who were people praising for their hotness and then there came the era of TV stars who are increasing the heart beats with their bikini pictures online and now here you go another stunningly sexy TV anchor Sunanda Wong. That woman is insanely hot and can be a threat to the people with weak hearts. Flaunting the colorful bikini the Neerja actress lied down with the posture apt to show off her perfect curves which are just like the beach waves. Boy! it is hard to get those figures. She was seen relaxing on the sand as she captioned the picture “Sand and wet. That is how it is going to be in Jolly good Goa.” We are sure it is indeed a Jolly good sight for the spectators there too. 





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