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Bigg Boss2 House Mates Nominated Ganesh To Elimination

It has been two weeks Bigg Boss-2 commenced.  Bigg Boss entered the third week now. Sanjana, Nutan Naidu entered the Bigg Boss in the common man category but they are out of the Bigg Boss house.   Another common man in the Bigg Boss house is Ganesh.  He has been targeted by the other contestants in the elimination on Monday.  It has attracted criticism.  The organisers have conducted auditions for lakhs of people and finalised three contestants.. but they are sent out even before the end of the third week.  There are comments in the social media that there is something behind the targeting contestants from Common man category. 

Ganesh didn't fight with anybody.. he didn't create any controversy.. he didn't even give a complaint about anyone.  But the house members gave silly reasons for nominating him for the elimination.  They said Ganesh is not mentally strong.. he is younger in the house.. they are unable to watch him dull in the house.. so it is better to send him out. 

The elimination process depends on the audience votes in Bigg Boss.  But the right to nominate for the elimination lies with contestants. So the strong celebrities are nominating common men in the elimination process.  Though organisers are saying that elimination process will be based on audience votes.. there is a talk that common men are being sent out based on Bigg Boss script. 

Meanwhile, Ganesh has fired on the celebrities who nominated him. He said the other contestants are stopping him while speaking.  He is not that comfortable in dealing with celebrities.  So, he is not mingling with them freely.  Celebrities have nominated him for elimination showing his shyness as a reason.   It is interesting to see whether Bigg Boss eliminates him or not.  If Ganesh is eliminated than Bigg Bogg will be branded as an anti-common man show.  Let us see what happens




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