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Big Star Hero Films In The Overseas Distributors

There is a huge demand for big star hero films in the overseas. Even producer quote exuberant prices to the distributors to cash on the demand. As the theatre rentals and taxes are high in the US, it is tough for any distributor to recover their investment unless the movie turns out to be a blockbuster.  But still, some distributors blindly invest in the star hero films they lose money the majority of the times. 

Surprisingly, the distributors have stayed away from investing two films recently and saved themselves from burning their hands.   The two films are 'Officer'.. 'Kaala'.  As the distributors had no hopes on these films, they didn't buy the rights of these two films.  So, the makers had to go for the own release.  'Officer' turned out to be a miserable disaster and it has collected only $62K.  If any distributor has invested the money he would have suffered a huge loss. On the other hand, 'Kaala' has collected $1.65 million till now.  The figure appears to be better but it is not enough for buyers to recover the investment if the distributors had acquited the rights. The producers will sell the rights for skyrocketing prices to the distributors that they will end up in huge losses even if the movie collects $2 million.  

It is interesting to see all the overseas buyers staying away from these films.  It seems they also have learned lessons in a hard way in the past and they don't want to become fools after the movie release





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