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Bhumi Shines As Pataka Queen In Sequined Saree

Bhumi Shines As Pataka Queen In Sequined Saree

Published on: 1:29 pm, 11 December 2023

Bhumi Pednekar effortlessly exudes elegance in her recent saree captures, showcasing a top-notch fashion statement. Adorned in a resplendent purple sequined blouse paired with a matching saree, her ensemble reflects a seamless blend of sophistication and glamour. The ensemble is elevated with a heavy necklace that adds a touch of regality to her overall look.

Bhumi’s styling choices continue to captivate as she opts for a simple yet chic hairstyle, allowing the ensemble to take center stage. The meticulous coordination extends to a matching sequined mini bag, completing the ensemble with a flair of contemporary fashion.

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