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Balayya-Craze Among YSRC MLAs

The pictures of Balayya's new look with a full mustache, white beard, and tonsured head turn viral yesterday and today, the craze has caught YSRC MLAs, who clicked many selfies with the TDP leader.

MLAs of TDP and YSRC have reached the Council gallery upon heated discussions about three capital issues. Balakrishna too arrived along with Chandrababu. YSRC MLAs Roja and others had a casual chat with Balayya first and started to click selfies with Balayya for his new-fascinating look.


YSRC MLAs Kasu Mahesh Reddy, Kapu Ramachandrareddy, Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy, Abbayya Chowdary, Vasantha Krishna Prasad and others can be seen in the selfie.

While the YSRC leaders' selfies with Balayya have gone viral, Ram Gopal Varma, like always, poked fun at Balayya by calling him Dishti Bomma without taking his name but praising Roja as HERO.




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