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Balakrishna Will Be Appearing In 60 Getups

Costume changes are quite normal for any hero and if he is doing a role showing him across different ages, it would involve changes in the getup. On an average, any such role would garner about four to five changes but what would you do as a director if you are to handle not four or five but a whopping sixty getups for your hero.

This might sound impossible but this task has now been taken up by the intellectual filmmaker Krish. It is known that Krish is helming the much talked about biopic of the great N T Rama Rao. Balakrishna is stepping into the shoes of his father to essay the title role. As part of that, reports say Balayya would be seen in 60 getups.

Apparently, Balayya has few personal favorites of his father's roles and hence he wants to be seen in those roles onscreen. As for the screen time, some roles would be mixed in songs, some would be mixed in scenes. While the plan looks clear, it is not sure how Krish would handle this because showing a person in 60 getups is no joke.

There is also a talk that this is one of the main reasons why the talented director Teja left as he was certain he cannot take up such a task. The most bankable version is, Krish might have to extend the run time of the film to at least three hours to ensure Balayya gets into all these getups. As such, given NTR's legacy, even three hours is also very little so this is going to be interesting. 




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