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Balakrishna Restricts On Cigar And Alcohol For Ntr Biopic

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao is a god figure for his admirers and his son Balakrishna is one amongst them. Showing his adoration towards NTR, Balakrishna is doing biopic on his late father. Besides enacting NTR, Balakrishna is also co-producing the flick along with Sai Korrapati and Vishnu Induri.

It is a regular practice for senior heroes including NTR that, they avoid non-vegetarian and other bad habits while doing devotional films. Nagarjuna also followed NTR’s path when he acted in devotional flicks.

Now, Balakrishna for whom NTR is no less than a god is said to be avoiding alcohol and cigarettes during the making of NTR biopic titled NTR. What’s more, he will address everyone on the sets calling them brother. It is known that, NTR used to call everyone on and off screen ‘brother’.

Balakrishna is allegedly passing few other resolutions to the film unit to follow them. Directed by Krish, NTR will start rolling soon.




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