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Balakrishna Appreciated The Honesty Of A Woman

Ever wondered the possible reason behind why Balayya goes on a slapping spree when his fans arrive near him? Now Balayya is a very religious person and wears these customized rings, bracelets and chains.

In the past, Balayya used to shake hands with his fans and on a couple of occasions, he found much to his dismay that the rings on his hand were missing. Since then, he has been displaying his anger on fans.

Recently, at the receiving end for neglecting his constituency Hindupur, Balayya undertook ‘Palle Baata’, a people’s outreach programme as part of which he has been meeting people from all walks of society.

On Friday, he shook hands with several women from his constituency who had come to meet him and Balayya’s ring slipped from his hand and fell down.

However, a woman activist noticed the ring and handed it over to Balayya who was not even aware of it. Balayya thanked the woman and appreciated her honesty.

We should thank the lady as well or else Balayya would have gone on another slapping spree, perhaps.




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