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Balagam Girl’s Glamorous Looks

Balagam Girl's Glamorous Looks

Published on: 3:32 pm, 28 December 2023

Kavya Kalyanram, a former child artist who has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of acting, continues to captivate audiences. Her recent venture, Balagam movie, left spectators in awe with her remarkable performance.

Recently, Kavya graced the public eye in a striking appearance. Clad in a black mini polka dot dress, she exuded elegance while sitting amidst the beach rocks. Her open hair and pink lipstick complemented the ensemble, creating a stunning visual that resonated with her fans.

Despite the previous setback at the box office with her film “Ustaad,” featuring Sri Simha Koduri, Kavya Kalyanram remains undeterred.

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