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Babu Cheated The Kapu Community – Mudragada

Nobody knows the Use & Throw policy in politics as Chandrababu do. If we look at Chandrababu's past, we have several examples to this statement.  He achieved power by dethroning his father-in-law.  He has severed ties with BJP just before the elections and he is making false excuses.   He has showered election promises on Kapu community during 2014 elections.  But he has conveniently forgotten the promises later.  

Kapu crusader Mudragada Padmanabham is digging all the history of Chandrababu and he is trying to teach a lesson to Chandrababu in the upcoming elections.  He has prepared a plan of action to this extent.   He made several allegations on Chandrababu recently.  

He gave a call that Kapus should be united as Chandrababu's community is unitedly supporting TDP for several decades.  He said that Kapus should be united and vote unitedly to prove their strength. He gave a call to Kapus to teach Babu a lesson because Babu has cheated the Kapu community.  Mudragada alleged that Chandrababu passed fours years time by false promises and cheating tactics.  He said that he didn't even think of fulfilling his promise till the time he was with BJP.  He has sent the proposal to centre when his party severed ties with BJP.  He said that this shows Chandrababu's deceiving nature and Kapu community will teach him a lesson in 2019




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