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Baba Ramdev Holds Yoga Camp In Glasgow

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has achieved global recognition and a huge following.  No one can deny the fact that it was Ramdev who popularised yoga in India and other countries.  He made Patanjali brand so popular and the items sold under Patanjali brand has a huge demand in the market. 

Continuing the same speed, he is going to launch Kimbho app to compete with WhatsApp.  Baba Ramdev played a crucial role in supporting Modi in terms of Hindutva.  But Baba Ramdev recently shocked everybody by speaking negatively on Modi who was supporting him all these years.  Baba Ramdev made sensational comments that there is an anti-BJP wave in the upcoming elections. 

Madame Tussaud's representatives met Baba Ramdev in London who was there for a yoga training programme.  They have met Baba to take his measurements to install his wax statue in prestigious Madame Tussauds.  Baba Ramdev interacted with the media on the occasion.  He opined that BJP may face trouble in 2019 elections if Muslims, Dalits, OBCs get united and oppose BJP.  But he said that the chances are very less that they get united. 

Speaking about Rahul, he commented anybody can become the PM as per the constitution.  But he said that whoever wins the trust of the people will come to power.   On the whole, Baba Ramdev's comments have become a hot topic in the political circles now




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