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At The Time Of 2nd Wave Of Covid-19 Fear, Few States Witnesses Vaccine Insufficient!

The second wave of Covid-19 has come as a heavy blow to India over the past few weeks. On this of this, the shortage of Covid-19 vaccines is posing a serious threat to a few states.

Maharashtra, which continues to be the severely hit state in India with the virus outbreak has shut not less than 26 vaccination centers in Mumbai, reason, lack of vaccine jabs.

Pune, one of the hotspots for the Coronavirus saw the closure of as many as 100 vaccination centers with the centers experiencing a lack of supply of the vaccine doses against Covid-19.

The other day, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra states have sent SOS to the Union Government over the shortage of vaccines and urged the center to sent extra doses to meet the needs of the vaccination drive.
National capital Delhi is also experiencing the same situation with vaccine availability. Stating that the vaccines will be sufficient for the coming 4-5 days, Delhi Health Minister Satyender Jain demanded the Centre to sent more vaccine doses so that the vaccination drive will not be stopped.

Alleging the union government of indulging in politics in connection with the vaccination doses, the Delhi Health Minister also claimed that hospitals run by the Centre are also clocking fewer vaccination numbers.


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