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Assembly Polls In Several States Due To Early Elections

Make the hay while the sun shines.. when the things are favourable, one has to make most out of the situation.  BJP leadership is planning to go for early polls as Modi image is decreasing with each passing day.   When Narendra Modi took the reigns as the PM in 2014, many people opined that Modi will easily achieve power in the second term as well.   But the situation has become completely opposite now.  All the opposition parties are getting united with the sole aim to stop Modi to occupy the PM chair.  They are even ready to lose something in order to stop him.  That's the situation now. 

Modi impresses the people with his wonderful speeches but he is unable to impress the people with his actions.  In fact, he is making people angry with his approach.  As a result, Modi graph is falling.  BJP top leadership is planning damage control measures by thinking about early polls.  They are thinking that early polls can minimise the damage and they can control anti-incumbency to some extent.  If the elections are held as per the normal schedule in April 2019, they are sensing damage to the BJP.   They are planning to hold the elections by the end of this year.

Along with the BJP leaders, Telangana CM KCR is also mentioning about early polls after his meeting with Modi.  KCR has never shown interest towards early polls till now but he started talking about it after his meeting with Modi.  Modi is planning to conduct Lok Sabha elections along with the assembly elections in several states. 

It has become interesting to see when they will hold assembly elections.  Chhattisgarh.. Madhya Pradesh are going for assembly elections by the year end as per the normal schedule. AP.. Telangana.. Maharashtra.. Delhi, Odisha..Sikkim.. Arunachal Pradesh.. Haryana.. Tamil Nadu states will go for election in May 2019 as per the normal schedule.  But BJP is planning to hold all these elections by the year end along with the Lok Sabha elections. 

President Rule imposed in Jammu Kashmir recently. Tamil Nadu political situation is also volatile so many people opine that assembly elections should be held in the state as well. 

As per the schedule, assembly elections should be held in these states

+Madhya Pradesh

Elections should be held in these states if Centre goes for early polls

+Andhra Pradesh
+Arunachal Pradesh
+Tamil Nadu 
+Jammu Kashmir




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