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Ask Powerstar About ‘Jr Powerstar’ – Renu Desai

Generally, the notion of the film industry and film lovers is that a hero's heir naturally inherits not just the legacy but also the 'title' tag. Krishna's son is automatically Superstar and Chiranjeevi's son became Mega Powerstar, while Prabhas inherited that Young Rebel Star tag.

Going in those lines, actually, some fans started calling Akira Konidela as Jr Powerstar and one day his mother Renu Desai asked the fans not to do so. While Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's fans might have got hurt with that, but actually there is another bitter truth behind this. 

First of all, Akira doesn't like to be called as Jr Powerstar or any other thing as he wants to lead that independent life with his mother. Secondly, it's none other than Pawan Kalyan who is not at all interested in such titles for his elder son. "Fans should know that fact that Kalyan garu himself doesn't like Akira to be called as Jr Powerstar. If they have any doubts they should ask him about it to get clarity", said Renu, in an interview. 

Though Pawan moved to politics, with Renu Desai confirming that she will start her next directorial venture soon, definitely Akira might get attracted to the film industry. But its too early to call him a Jr Powerstar, isn't it




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