Arts And Humanities Department Of Sonu Sood Is Now In Andhra Pradesh Institute.

MUMBAI: Sarat Chandra IAS Academy, Sarat Chandra Degree College and Sarat Chandra Junior College in Andhra Pradesh having Department of Arts and Humanities have been renamed after Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who also appears in Telugu and other southern films. The department is now known as the Arts and Humanities Department of Sonu Sood. The decision follows the actor's philanthropic gestures during the pandemic-induced lockdown, especially towards students and migrant workers.
Sonu shared: "I am extremely humbled and grateful. I feel fortunate that I received the opportunity to help whoever was in need And now that such a big institute has honoured my actions, I will only be motivated to keep being there for those who need me." A while back, in the honour of his mother, Sonu had come up with a scholarship programme to support IAS aspirants to fulfil their dreams and achieve their dreams. In a Haryana village, he also helped students to attend online classes by sending those smartphones. The actor also helped aspirants for JEE and NEET examinations to travel to their examination centres.

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