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Archana Responds On USA Sex Racket

Media Channels in Telugu have become desperate for TRPs, so much that they find any topic that is remotely sensational or related to popular people, like Film Industry, they are trying hard to milk it. 

Recently, Film Industry had to release soms fillers that they may cut ties with some media houses, if they don't stop targeting them. 

And we all know how a famous actor took it all upon him to do exactly the same things that the media houses have been doing for months together. 

They stopped it for a while, but once again they got US Sex Racket as their weapon to target Film Industry. 

They have been constantly putting up debates calling the different actresses, asking them questions about their involvement. In short, they are running their own investigation. 

Recently, one channel called Archana aka Veda, actress who played Sita in Sri Ramadasu, asking about her involvement and opinion. 

When she got agitated they tried to pose the same question in a different manner. The actress just chose to not answer and the debate went on, judging her. 

 Well, FBI officials showed some compassion to not release the names of the victims but the media houses in their quest for TRP are trying to make each and every actress, a part of flesh trade, which is indeed a popular misconception




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