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Aravind Refrained From Using Slang Words

On the stage of "Tej I Love U" movie release press meet, knowingly or unknowingly Allu Arvind has revealed many things. And some revelations are surely creating ripples in mega circles.

While addressing Sai Dharam Tej as 'veedu' one point of time, Allu Arvind revealed that he has the habit of calling all the young mega heroes from the family as 'vaadu.. veedu and orey'. But recently when he uttered similarly about a hero, one of their family members took him a huge class it seems. 

"I have this habit of calling them all in a casual manner. But recently I was given a class to not call them that way. I'm sorry. I won't call Tej as vaadu veedu" said Arvind in a joking manner. Though Tej asked Arvind to call him in whichever way he likes, Arvind refrained from using the slang words. 

Some say that Chiranjeevi might have taken such class as he always shows the utmost respect for his family's youngsters at public events. A source revealed that it is Allu Arjun who took a class to Arvind and asked him to address every hero from their family only with a name but not in a casual tone. 

Only Arvind could tell us who has given that class to him, but on a serious note, youngsters need not worry about how their elders call him, even at public functions.




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